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Openbox genius Plus V8.09.26 1506T 2019

Openbox genius Plus V8.09.26 1506T 2019


Models Name Openbox Genius
Software Download
Type Zip
STB V8.09.26
Update 05/03/2019

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How to install software?

How to update all multimedia system receivers, 1st of all, we have a tendency to transfer software package then we have a tendency to use the memory card or USB flash for coming into the software package the way to go the most menu of all multimedia system receivers?

Step 1. press the menu button from any satellite multimedia system receivers remotes then seem the installation then seems totally different classes can seem on screen additionally they are installation shrub preference setting multimedia system we have a tendency to choose installation then

Step we have a tendency to attend setting menu then screen seem {different|totally different|completely different} classes however we have a tendency to choose simply setting icon then seem different icons

Step we have a tendency to attend version menu to envision the version main menu/setting timers, kid lock date time eternal config
factory reset upgrade version machine standby Ab etc choose the version icon then

Step check the software package version to match with the software package file. main menu/setting/version check own software package version if the version is accessible then

step 5. currently
attend upgrade menu and choose the USB or memory card.

Step 6. choose the software package file to upgrade the newest software package.

Step 7. currently your software package can begin to upgrade. (keep wait
till progress complete up to 100 percent and power shouldn’t
be off).this prosses can complete then you’ll be able to
enjoy this new software package.

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